Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Goals of Module

    2. Reflection: Your goals for Building Relationships with Public Institutions (Download and Complete worksheet)

    1. Theory of Public Participation

    2. Reflection: Theory of Public Participation (Download and Complete worksheet)

    1. Attending Public Meetings

    2. Activity: Finding Public Meetings

    1. Speaking at Public Meetings

    2. Accountability and Dignity

    3. Wanda Page, Durham City Manager, on Speaking at Public Meetings

    4. Interview with Rani Dasi: An elected official's perspective on building relationships

    5. Introduction to activity

    6. Activity: Observe how speakers are perceived at public meetings

    1. Advisory Boards and Citizen Academies

    2. Interview with Renuka Soll - getting involved from scratch

    3. Introduction to reflection

    4. Reflection: Your interest in Advisory Boards and Citizen Academies (Download and Complete worksheet)

    1. Strategies for building relationships with foundations, non-profits, businesses, and staff

    2. Interview with Wanda Page - Building relationships with staff

    3. Introduction to reflection: Preparing to build a relationship with an institution

    4. Reflection: Preparing to build a relationships with Foundations, Non-Profits, Businesses, and Staff (Download and Complete Worksheet)

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Influence and Shape our Community Institutions